The objective of this game is to disrupt and disperse an orderly herd of deer in order to isolate and capture individual members of the herd, which is how the player gains points. Thus, the player must create chaos among the herd. The more chaos is created, the easier it is to capture individual deer.

- Left click selects wolf

- left shift + left click for multiple selection

- 1-3 key for single wolf select

- 1-3 + left shift key for multiple selection
- Tap deselect all

- Spacebar select all

- Right click moves selected wolves to click point

- Move mouse to edge of screen to move camera

- WASD Camera movement


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The visuals are stunning and provide a great atmospheric feel and depth. The music is wonderful too. Though I think more work could be done to make the game more engaging. I would give your game a 7.5/10 :)

i think the style and the idea are great. it has potential.